Different for a Reason

Gaining strength does not mean adding weight

Reinke competitors love to “throw their weight around.” The fact is Reinke systems do weigh less than competitive systems, and when it comes to strength, the high-strength steel used in a Reinke system is truly stronger than heavier materials used in-an-attempt-to make competitive systems stronger. 

Growers are seeking solutions to reduce compaction in their fields. With a Reinke system, the total sum of all parts means weighing less comes with a host of benefits including less soil compaction, system flotation which reduces rutting issues in fields, plus reduced wear on the systems’ drive train. 

Reinke systems look different - because they are different. A difference that growers will appreciate when weighing their options of purchasing a Reinke system over competitors 


Single Leg Tower Design


Reinke Roll-formed Single Leg Tower Design

More than 40 years ago, Reinke developed a better way to design system towers. The high-strength single leg tower replaced the company’s earlier established double angle iron leg tower. This shift marked the beginning of Reinke using high-strength, low-alloy steel materials on systems to reduce weight, while also enhancing structural integrity. Today, the Reinke C-Channel, single tower leg is made from roll-formed 9-gauge, 60,000 psi (min.) yield high-strength galvanized steel measuring 8”x 3”x 1.25”. The single leg design requires no additional bracing and its simple clean design minimizes the obstruction of water application, allowing the system to pass through taller crops without causing damage or breakage to the crop. A Reinke single leg system eliminates up to three extra tons of soil compacting weight when compared to a competitor’s system.

Tower Height Crop Clearance

Spans from Reinke are available in 4 different heights. Crop clearance may vary based on span length and tire size.  The 13 feet 9 inch wheel base offers exceptional stability for a variety of terrains and elevation changes. Alumigator IV systems feature a 16 feet wheel base and Sugargator systems feature 7-gauge galvanized roll-formed steel legs measuring 9.5”x 3”x 1-7/8” with a wheel base measuring 19 feet 8 inches. 

The picture to the left shows the advantage of the standard single leg design. There is less crop disruption by the single leg versus the double leg tower design found on competitor systems. Tower Height Crop Clearance

Spans from Reinke are available in 4 different heights. Crop clearance may vary based on span length and tire size.

Truss Support


Reinke Yield Strength

What is yield strength and why is it important? Yield strength is the amount of stress, material can withstand without permanent deformation and is expressed in pounds of pull per square inch. Reinke uses 5/8 and 3/4 inch high-strength, low-alloy steel rods while competitors use 3/4 and 7/8 inch mild-strength steel rods. The weight variance between these different rod types and sizes can be as much as 220 lbs per span. The end result, a Reinke system span weighs 600-700 lbs less than competitor systems, on the average supporting about 11 percent less weight than those of comparable length.

More Parts Add Up To More Weight

The engineered use of high-strength steel to minimize weight while maintaining system strength and integrity was carefully selected to obtain maximum performance from the irrigation system. Strength of materials selected for a Reinke system is evident in the absence of gussets below the water pipe compared to gussets found on competitive systems to reinforce trussing. By design, the Reinke system is

uncompromisingly the most efficient yet durable system on the market.

Reinke Tower Stiffener

Tower stiffeners made of 3 inch outside diameter galvanized steel connect the tower leg to of the trussing. By connecting to the bottom trussing, rather than directly to the pipe, the stiffeners remain in a more horizontal position, pushing and pulling on the entire trussing rather than on just the pipe. This distributes the load evenly across the span and reduces stress and wear on the tower’s drive train and the system pivot center.

Reinke Truss Support

The water pipe is supported by a high-strength truss assembly, spaced every 19 feet, made of 50,000 psi (min.), roll-formed struts 2-1/8” x 2-1/8” x 9/64” and braces 1-3/4” x 1-3/4” x 9/64” achieving even load distribution and strength. The 75 degree trussing provides optimum strength and reliability on steel systems while the 90 degree trussing accomplishes the same on the Alumigator series of systems.

Grade 8 bolts 5/8”x 2-1/2” are used at the connection of the rods, struts and braces. Grade 5 bolts are used throughout the remaining connections on the entire system. Assembly is simple yet effective with minimum fasteners required. The one grade 8 bolt connection of the Reinke truss assembly not only provides a very strong connection, but also makes installation much easier.

All Reinke truss rods are universal in length and made of high-strength 60,000 psi (min.), low alloy steel to provide high-strength while reducing weight. Rods are offered in 5/8 and 3/4 inch diameter depending on system configurations.

Span Length & Weight Comparison


Electrogator II

The Reinke pivot center is engineered to withstand the stress and force exerted by the pivot system under all field conditions and is easily retro-fitted to any competitive pivot pad. 

Pivot Center Legs


The pivot center leg features high-strength 9-gauge, 60,000 psi (min.) galvanized steel in a roll-formed C-Channel design. This design eliminates the need for cross-bracing and provides easy access to all the components in the lower structure. The wider, stronger leg is attached to a large pivot foot using four grade 5, 5/8 inch bolts and is secured to the pivot pad with 1 inch anchor bolts. 

Pivot Platform Steps


 Heavy-duty perforated platform steps can be mounted on one or more pivot legs and have been specifically designed for a comfortable and safe ascent and descent. An optional walkway provides complete and simple access to all parts of the upper pivot center structure. 

Pivot Bearing


The 18 inch long bearing, made from 1/4 inch thick tubing, is cradled within eight strategically placed gussets. This design eliminates any distortion so the bearing can run smoothly without sticking or binding. A single lip gasket seals against a stainless steel surface to optimize gasket life and provide an excellent seal. An optional triple lip seal is available for low pressure operation. 

C-Channel Leg


Expect durability and strength from the C-Channel leg tower design. The C-Channel leg is a critical feature of every Reinke system offering unparalleled strength in the industry. Try to compare the design, strength, and mass of the Reinke C-Channel leg to the double angle iron used in competitive systems and we are confident you will choose our system. The C-Channel leg removes the need for cross-bracing between the legs and improves leg strength by an additional 21 percent. 

Reinke Pivot Riser


The riser pipe, below the pivot bearing, is available in two different heights to accommodate inlet hook-ups and installation of an optional vertically mounted flow meter. The long sweep bottom elbow provides a water supply connection to the system, which is offered in a variety of options. Several filter options are available that can be used in place of the bottom elbow and mate to the riser and inlet pipe.

Reinke Pivot Flex Joint


The multi-directional pivot flex joint is connected to a full diameter long sweep top elbow above the pivot bearing, which is standard on all Reinke systems. The pivot flex joint is designed to minimize the stress exerted on the pivot bearing and structure.

Reinke Collector Reel


The collector reel has a corrosion resistant aluminum housing to provide years of reliable service. The top is domed to direct any condensation to the sides and down instead of dripping onto the electrical contacts.

High-strength Span


Reinke Water Pipe, Span Length and Outlet Spacing

Reinke was the first to offer five types of water pipe for mechanized irrigation. Individual water pipes are interchangeable within the same system.

Reinke spans are available with:

• High-strength 50,000 psi (min.) galvanized steel in 10, 8-5/8, 6-5/8, 6 and 4-1/2 inch diameter

• High-strength 52,000 psi (min.) chromium nickel plus steel in 6-5/8 and 6 inch diameter

• Aluminum alloy (marine grade) in 8 and 6 inch diameter

• Poly-lined galvanized steel in 8-5/8 and 6-5/8 inch diameter

• Stainless steel in 8-5/8 and 6-5/8 inch diameter

The system model designates the type of pipe used:

• E2100, E2085, E2065, E2060 and E2045 have high-strength galvanized steel water pipe

• E2665 and E2660 have high-strength chromium nickel plus steel water pipe

• A80G and A60G feature aluminum water pipe

• AlumIV is an all aluminum system (with the exception to truss rods). Reinke Exclusive

• PL2085G and PL2065G have poly-lined galvanized steel water pipe

• S2085G and S2065G features stainless steel water pipe

Reinke pipe options to match every condition.

Structural Difference Table


Flex Joint Hook and Receiver




The internal flex joint provides up to 45 degrees of rotational flex for challenging terrain. This design also reduces the stress on the spans of the system allowing flex in all directions without stretching the boot. The internal flex joint extends the boot life. The tower top hook and receiver are separate components independent of the actual span pipe. If a crash were to occur, these components or the tower leg will typically be sacrificed, protecting the span pipe and minimizing repair cost. Despite the claims of competitors, the Reinke hook and receiver does not cause significant friction loss in the internal water flow.




Warranty Information

A great deal of time and effort can be spent comparing the mechanized irrigation systems on the market and claiming superiority over the others. So which system is the best? The easiest way would simply be to compare warranty offerings on each system. Who backs up their claims of superiority with a warranty to match?