Company Profile


 NATA Irrigation Ltd. is a Reinke dealer specializing in providing customers with the best service & irrigation equipment in Southern Alberta. We provide sales & service of Reinke pivots as well as service & parts for competitive machines. 


 In March 2018, NATA Irrigation was formed. We are a family owned & operated. Brady Klok runs the Sales & Service Tech department & Richard Klok is the President of operations. Our experience includes pivot, electrical & pump installation and design for numerous Irrigation projects.


 We utilize state of the art GPS and Computer programs to design each Irrigation Projects to the clients request. The use of Reinke's Design Program ensures of maximum efficiency of each project we design.


 To reinforce our emphasis on efficiency we sell Reinke Pivots. Reinke is a leader in Pivot innovation and design. Reinke pivots are the most durable, have less downtime & is backed by the best warranty in the industry.

 Our electrical experience covers the full range of projects from Telemetry, Pump Motors, VFDs, Electrical Services & Pivot Troubleshooting. Our electrical team is devoted to providing outstanding service.